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Grow with OTC as an Affiliate

  • Track and follow your Affiliate Referrals which = Money!
  • Automation of tracking YOUR sales when using the affiliate link you generate!

Affiliate Instructions

1. Create Your Affiliate Link Below

Using the generator below – click “GENERATE”. You will be provided YOUR special Affiliate URL for Hotel Passes. This is YOUR URL – you need to use it to track your sales of Hotel Passes. Regular Rider Passes will not work for affiliate referrals – ONLY HOTEL RIDER PASSES FROM YOUR GENERATED LINK.

1a. Configure Your Affiliate Account (Payment info..)

Scroll below the Link Generator tool. You will see YOUR affiliate dashboard. From there you can see your referrals, request payment after referrals, but more importantly – YOU have to configure your account by adding your payment info and profile info.

  1. Hover Profile within the Affiliate Dashboard Menu
  2. Complete the following:
    1. Basic Details
    2. Payment Information
    3. Billing Information
  • *** Your Social is used only for tax purposes if your referrals reach more than $600.

2. Copy Your Generated Link Below and Visit the Link

The days of being overwhelmed by tracking and purchasing passes for your guests are over

– We have created the link generator for you to easily CREATE/GENERATE – COPY URL – VISIT URL – AND PURCHASE HOTEL PASSES FOR GUESTS.

– IF EASIER – you can provide the guest with your specific Affiliate Generated Link, or let them scan the QR code that is also generated. Once they complete the checkout process, your affiliate account will receive the referral sale credit.

3. Complete the Sale for Guests with Your Link and Receive the Reward

The functionality is easy and accessible. Just use the following steps:
– Create Affiliate Account
– Log into Affiliate Account
– Generate your Affiliate Link
– Copy Generated Link and Visit that URL
– Select Hotel Rider Pass for Guests
– Complete Sale
– You receive the commission for successful affiliate sale
– In Affiliate Dashboard – Complete the Profile > Payment Management to setup your banking information to receive commissions. Your Social Security is for taxation purposes if your commissions reach above $600.

Affiliate Dashboard

Do you want to become an affiliate? Submit an application by clicking the Affiliate Registration Form
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