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The difference

Media & Mobile Advertising

Old Town Connect’s Media & Mobile Advertising provides repetitive delivery to your target audience. Because our vehicles are driven continuously throughout town, your advertisement has the opportunity to be displayed in any target neighborhood. Our routes run from St. Augustine Beach to Historic downtown St. Augustine!
Advertising Form & Pricing

OTC Origins

Old Town Connect (OTC) originated from two St. Augustine locals who specifically aimed to solve the transportation and parking issue in their town. Our mission is to provide a service of transportation that allows tourists and residents a more fun, convenient, and affordable way of travel.

Why Ads?

Summer in St. Augustine is a wild and exciting time. It is a necessity for businesses to market; as tourism is rampant, schools are out, and residents are active.

However, with year-round tourism, fun season is in full effect all year! Contact a representative today. Now is the time to shine!

Marley Cohen

Tourist / Single Day Pass (3 days in a row)

"Visiting and riding around the town on the cart was a highlight for our crew. It was super simple to just scan the passes and get verified like that. The cart had ample seating for us and took us from hot restaurants to other poppin bars and music! It was great "

Real people with OTC Rollin' Hype

Shantel Davis

Local Resident

"This new shuttle/taxi/cart/route/trolley or whatever is amazing for our family and friends. We live here in St Augustine and it is a PAIN to always find parking. Sheesh - with the cost of parking, it's cheaper for us to ride this around year round and save on parking nightmares for date night downtown!"

Old Town Connect | St. Augustine

Mailing Address:
200 Pine Arbor Circle
St. Augustine, FL 32084

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